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  Healers profiles 12 Native American men and women who practiced the art of healing.  Information about their cultures
is included plus their training,  beliefs, and experiences as healers. Some are twentieth century doctors and nurses.  One
is a medical school professor.   Others are traditional medicine practitioners of the nineteenth century, and before, who
learned their healing skills from their elders.  When I finished the book I considered all the people in my book friends,
some I had the opportunity to know personally and others I came to know from old records and the writings of others.
  I hope that you will enjoy reading Healers as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And,  I hope that you will share my respect for
these people who from ancient times have known the difference between healing a person and treating an illness and that
a person's religious beliefs are so very much a part of the healing process.
  While researching this book I followed some almost forgotten trails into some surprising places.  An old newspaper
clipping led me to the registrar's records at Vassar School for Women,  Red Cross World War I records, and the
Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico.  Another trail led me to the Kiowa/ Comanche/ Apache cemetery in the
shadow of Saddle Mountain in Oklahoma to read a gravestone  and opened  a lengthy correspondence with Parker
McKinsey, the oldest man in the Kiowa Tribe.  He shared wonderful information and invited me to his 100th birthday
celebration.   I interviewed the first woman Navajo surgeon,  a Kiowa professor of medicine, a Pueblo dentist, and a
Inupiat physician.
  I am sorry to report that Healers went out of print in 2005.  Although new copies are not available, my book can still be
found in many libraries across the country and used copies may occasionally be found on the shelves of used book stores.
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