Third and Fourth Grade Biographies
Jim Henson
     My  first Jim Henson biography was
written for seventh grade and up.  The
second is for third and fourth graders.   
When I started writing about Jim
Henson, I had seen Kermit and Cookie
Monster but I had never seen  man who
created them.  As I worked I developed
a deep admiration for the man Jim
Henson was.  He had a dream and he
followed it.  He believed that learning
should be fun.   He also believed in
family entertainment that reached all
ages.  Jim Henson dedicated himself to
becoming a master puppeteer.  
Through the magic of his hands the
Muppets came to life.  Jim Henson's
Muppets made learning fun and
entertained the whole family.  I hope
that when you read my book you will
learn to love and admire Jim Henson as
much as I do.  And that you have
dreams you will follow.
Jonas Salk
     Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine that
prevents polio.  The Salk vaccine worked so well that
you may not even know what polio is.
      How fortunate you are!

     In the 1930s and 40s polio epidemics came
every summer.  The disease struck mostly children.  
For that reason, it was called Infantile Paralysis.  
Some polio victims died.  And some got well without
any serious after affects.  Far too many, however,
were confined to wheel chairs or leg braces and
crutches for the rest of their lives.  No one knew
what caused the disease and parents were terribly
afraid their children would become ill.

     Dr. Salk worked long hours for many years to
develop a vaccine to prevent polio.  When he did,
kids could enjoy the summer again and parents
were relieved of a great fear.

     I hope you will enjoy my book about Dr. Salk.  
He was a dedicated scientists who wanted other
scientists to have the freedom to pursue their
scientific dreams.  He built a large research institute
in San Diego.   Maybe the cure for cancer or Aides
or heart disease will be found at the  Salk Institute.  
And, maybe you or someone you know will be the
one to find it.          
George W. Bush
     George W. Bush became the
forty-third president of the United States
in one of the most disputed elections of
our time.   When he took office he faced
a divided nation and a divided
congress.  During the campaign he had
promised to be a president who would
work to with senators and congressmen
from both parties in effort to bring
bipartisanship back to Washington.  No
one, however, knew the challenges of
the Bush presidency would be so great.

     On September 11, 2001, terrorists
attacked the United States of America
destroying the World Trade Center in
New York City.  That instant, changed
the world forever and put the Bush
presidency on a new and treacherous
path toward an uncertain destiny.  And,
for awhile, at least, Americans and their
congress united with the president in
the face of a common enemy.

     The last chapters of the Bush
presidency are yet to come.  History will
determine the success of his presidency.
Deanne Durrett
Author of Nonfiction for Kids and Young Adults*
*Rated Ok for Adults
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