Unsung Heroes of World War II:
The Story of the Navajo Code Tal
Reviews and Comments
"... author Deanne Durrett writes, "Bodyguards...
accompanied the code talkers everywhere... In the event a
code talker was captured, the bodyguard had orders to
shoot him." (P.77).  This circumstance became the basis of
a compelling dramatic premise, which my partner, Tracie
Graham, and I sought to re-create in our film,
Alison Rosenzweig, producer,
Windtalkers, Premier,
February, 2002.
"This book presents readers with a fine combination of
Navajo history and culture and background information
about World War II in the Pacific... The well-written
text examines the failures, successes, and problems
that the [Navajo Code Talker] program encountered
from training the first group of Marines until the war's
School Library Journal, January 1999.
"Such astounding facts, as well as
stirring personal accounts of battle,
make for fascinating, educational
Booklist, November 1, 1998.
"Thank you for writing such outstanding
nonfiction, which earned a place on our Honor
List, and which, will certainly be used and
appreciated by students."
Voice of Youth Advocates, June 10, 1999.
"This book is fascinating and long overdue.  It helps bring recognition to over
400 Navajo Code Talkers who maintained their silence on this secret mission
until 1969."  Rated - Outstanding.
Round Rock Independent School District, Austin, Texas, November 10, 1998.
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