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    Unsung Heroes tells the story of the Navajo
Code Talkers and their code - a National Security
asset  that remained classified decades after
World War II ended. It is the story of a select
group of Navajo Marines who were recruited for
special duty.   
1st MarDiv, Ballart, South Pacific, 7 July 1943, OFFICIAL
Corporal Lloyd Oliver, a Navajo Indian, operates a field
radio while attached to a Marine Artillery Regiment in the
South Pacific.  Cpl. Oliver also is a sniper and a highly
regarded scout.
Windtalker - a movie about the Code
Talkers - opened June 2002.
 The producers of WINDTALKERS took a seed of information and created an
action-packed war movie.  Nicolas Cage plays a troubled Marine who is assigned the
duty of protecting a Code Talker.  The movie focuses on the story of the Marine
guard, his heroism and struggle with duty.  The movie draws attention to the Navajo
Code Talkers who served in World War II but it sheds little light on what this select
group of Navajo Marines contributed to victory in the Pacific in World War II.  A Code
Talker story has yet to be portrayed on film.
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The first 29 Navajo Code Talkers were young
men with little education. For some, it was their
first time off the reservation.  They were chosen
because they each met some unique requirements
needed to protect American National Security -
they spoke a little known and very difficult
language, they were fluent in English,  and they
were loyal Americans ready to go to war for their

They received their secret assignment the day  
they completed boot camp - develop a code
based on the Navajo language that the Japanese
cannot break.

The Code Talkers and their code were operational
by the time the Marines landed on Guadalcanal.  
They were fast.  They were accurate.  And, they
were darn good Marines.
Read about it:
 Lloyd Oliver and 12 other code talkers narrowly escape  
enemy strafing their first day on Guadalcanal.  
Unsung Heroes p63)
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