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           You may think that teen privacy rights are mostly a
family matter concerning little brothers who read sisters'
diaries and sisters who tattle on big brother's for reading
girly mags.  Teen privacy, however, is a legal matter that has
swept more than a few people into court.  One case,
involving a principal who searched a student's purse.  He
was  looking for a pack of cigarettes -  evidence that she
had broken school rules - but he found cigarette papers
commonly used for rolling marijuana joints and other
evidence of  illegal activity.  He called the police and she was
charged based on this evidence.   Is this OK?  Well, it took
the U.S. Supreme Court to decide.
     These questions and others are addressed in TEEN PRIVACY RIGHTS plus Internet privacy and safety, school records,
and the parent's involvement in teen privacy rights.
      Parent's are the guardians their children's privacy
rights, however, this legal situation ends - when?  Does this
mean your parents can't search your stuff?  Or, are they
supposed to keep others from searching your stuff?  What's
the deal here!
      Everyone, including teens, should know their rights.  
Although I do not offer legal advice in this book, I do cover
case histories and draw attention to the existence of these
rights.  The U.S. Supreme Court determined that teen have
privacy rights, however, these rights are limited.  New
Jersey vs. T.L.O. is a very interesting case.
Is William snooping or violating rights?
      I wrote this book, simply because I found the topic
interesting.  As I became involved in the research I knew I
had tackled an interesting topic that would be useful to
many.  I hope you think so, too.
Tips for Report Writers
      If you are writing a report on Teen Privacy Rights,
my book will be a good research source. Look for it in
your school library or the public library in your area. If it
isn't there, ask the librarian about it, maybe she or he can
borrow it from another library or order it for your library.
     No good report, worth an A, will come from only one
source. Your teacher, like my editor, will be impressed
with evidence that you did your research - a list of credible
sources you used. I have included a few "
Related Links" to
other sites that have information about Teen Privacy
Rights. Visit them. When you do, you may find mention of
something that you want to know more about, such as
school locker searches
Stephanie ready to go to the library.  She absolutely
believes in always being prepared.  Is the contents of her
backpack private?
     When that happens, you will need to do what I do
when I am writing a book - follow the trail. Go to your
favorite search engine and do a search. You will get
many "hits." Some of them will have information you
need and others will not.
     The secret to finding the valuable information is often
found in the search engine blurb and the URL. Read it
before you click on the site. Think - who would be a
good source? Someone at a University. A university URL
will have .edu in it. An-other good source might be the
courts which are part of the government. So a site that
has .gov might be a good possibility. Another would be
an organization dedicated to your subject. An
organization's URL is .org.
     Of course, a book on your subject may be a good source. You will get hits from bookstores with information about books
on the subject. A click on a bookstore hit will often take you to the bookstore's page on the book which may include reviews
and comments from people who have read the book. This information will help you decide if the book is a source you want to
use. You will also find the author's name there. And, many authors, like me, have their own site. The best ones are
Ahem...  Wes, is that research or a game?  OK, so
you're taking a break.  Who has access to the trail
you left as you surfed the net?
     Another source is magazine and
newspaper articles. Most of them have a site
and your school or public library may have a
subscription with access to full-text articles
such as The Electronic Library.
     I hope this helps you with your report. If
you have any suggestions to make my site
more useful, please visit my guest book and
leave a comment. If you want to suggest a link,
please e-mail me.
Okay, Shannon.  Looks like you might have the right URL,
but isn't that My computer and MY office!
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     Other matters concerning teen's privacy rights involve
school locker searchers.  Which is more important: the
schools responsibility to keep crime out of school and assure
student's safety, or, a student's constitutional protection
against unreasonable search and seizure?  Who owns the
school locker?   Can school policy dictate whether lockers
can be searched?   What is an unreasonable search,
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